About Us

The Business Executives Association of Chicago began in 1941.  Since then we have grown and evolved to fit the needs of our members.  The BEA is an industry exclusive group of business owners, entrepreneurs, and senior-level decision-makers all responsible for the growth of their business.

Our Vision

The BEA vision is to be a diverse group of business owners and leaders committed to helping each other develop as individuals and grow our businesses through lead generation, mentoring, relationship building, and networking.

  Our Values

  • Professional & Responsive
  • Optimize Engagement
  • Creative & Adaptive
  • Inclusive & Diverse
  • Community Focused

  Our Goals

  • Help member businesses grow
  • Expand member networks
  • Facilitate members’ professional development and education
  • Through our members, serve as a resource of advice and support for our members
  • Optimize member engagement
  • Grow BEA by continuously seeking to be relevant, responsive, and differentiated in an ever changing business environment.