The BEA has many different parts that make it work.  The organization revolves around fostering an experience for our members so they can grow their businesses and create connections.  The BEA is currently set up with an executive board and three committees.  There is always an opportunity to get involved.  If you would like to be more active in the BEA, please let a board member know.

BEA Executive Board

Robert Harney – Chairman
David Seidman – President
Aleta Williams – Vice President
Dan Earles – Secretary/Treasurer
Andrew O’Connor – Program Committee Chair
Allison Cummins

Membership Committee

Paul Keidan – Chair
Robert Harney
Michael Peysakhovich
Dan Earles
Richie Marrero

Program Committee

Andrew O’Connor – Chair
Allison Cummins

Service Committee

Aleta Williams – Chair
James Buik

Marketing Committee

Michelle Mekky – Chair
Brian Kuszynski