The BEA is...

a group of business leaders dedicated to improving their businesses through networking and sharing management philosophies and ideas.

How it Happens

1. Events

The BEA is a social group. We love to get together. Our organization meets twice a month as a group and one on one any time we can. We meet once a month at the East Bank Club in Chicago. Our second meeting of the month is always somewhere new.

2. Learning

The BEA is filled with a wealth of knowledge. There are literally hundreds of years of experience between our members. Our members are eager to offer advice and share their knowledge when they can. We also strive to continue to learn by inviting guest speakers and experts to present new and innovative ideas.

3. Relationships

Relationships drive the BEA. Our members form lasting connections. That is evident in the years our members stay involved. 60% of our membership has been in the BEA for over 10 years! We even have three-member companies that are second-generation members. This speaks to the deep connections that are fostered in the BEA.

Featured Member

I appreciate the long term business relationships and camaraderie.

Jim Buik

Jim Buik - President

The Roscoe Company

Our organization has a dual purpose: To facilitate the exchange of business and leads among our members and to learn and share business insight with each other.

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