Join BEA as a Guest

Thank you for your interest in the BEA! We would like to help you start growing your business. At the BEA, a guest is always a guest. That is our way of saying that anyone is always welcome to attend two (2) meetings as a guest, however, full membership is industry exclusive. Below are some of the qualities we look for in a potential member.

What We Look For in a Member:

  • A giving mentality
  • Chicago metropolitan business owners with annual revenues of 5 – 20 million.
  • Start-up business owners with 5-15 employees.
  • Non-competing business owners.
  • Curious mind always willing to learn
  • Diverse business owners reflecting the diversity of the business community.

To join us as a guest for a meeting please, fill out the form below. We will get back to you with all of the meeting information.